Introducing Cloud, or rather Nlooud

Nlooud is Nethost’s own development platform built on the principle of cloud systems. It’s a solid development platform, corresponding to the latest world standards in cloud services. Nlooud Application Hosting, as a part of the large Nlooud services family is used for customer application hosting. It is a flexible system, where the costs can be optimized so that they linearly increase or decrease according to the number of visitors.

The Nethost Nlooud Application Hosting is an ideal solution for your SaaS products. The robust cloud platform, high performance cloud-based data storage and perfect technical background can easily control your applications. The use of cloud technologies, paradoxically, saves you money, since the application platform operator can get the maximum performance out of it in a given time.

The technical specification of the Nethost Nlooud Application Hosting allows running applications in several modes. Nethos Nlooud Adaptive Container itself, according to your instructions, implements application service management as ON-CALL (managed by application) or ON-DEMAND (managed by intelligent auto-balancer). You or your application itself controls the number of "containers" - system resources.

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