Nlooud Server provisioning – cloud virtualisation technology for ICT infrastructure

Nlooud VPS brings a new dimension into the operation of virtual servers. Thanks to cloud technology VPS is truly virtual. The virtual server is not limited by hardware limits of physical resources but works on a cloud platform. Such a crucial difference brings potentially unlimited options for the functioning of the whole system. There are no limits, the system is fully scalable and you can set it up for your current needs.

Nlooud is Nethost’s own development platform built on the principle of cloud systems. It’s a solid development platform, which corresponds to the latest world standards in cloud services.

Nlooud VPS is a fully-fledged product belonging to Nethost cloud products family. It allows you to very simply manage virtual servers. You can individually change their parameters according to actual traffic or customer requirements. VPS server costs can be controlled online so the operation remains effective.

Due the absence of restrictions to a single hardware resource, you can run unlimited number of virtual servers at once without influencing each other. Advantages of cloud technology for VPS servers are simple deployment, simple backup and quick recovery of user data.

Virtual servers can be managed with remote application interface (API) or by using direct web console. You can change all VPS server parameters, add an unlimited number of new VPS servers and manage your whole account including expenses control.

In comparison to conventional virtualisation, where strictly defined resources are available, Nlooud Server Provisioning provides a simple performance-memory pool. In the pool you can freely change any parameters, clone or switch off running VPS’s. That gives you an option to share processing time between separate instances or separate cloned data for security reasons. An advanced API and the auto inject configuration of your individual settings moves the limits of conventional virtualization a leap forward.

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